AdiBurn PRO

Obesity has been described as a global epidemic and overweight / obese individuals (BMI of 25 and above) are at an increased risk for various chronic physical ailments and psychological problems such as diabetes, hypertension, depression, eating disorders and low self-esteem. There is a constant need and search for a safe natural approach to help manage obesity and its related socio-economic consequences.

Slimz AdiBurn PRO range was formulated and developed for the Medical Professionals need to have weight control solution that is proven and can provide the following scientific data:

  • Safety Data
  • Clinical Data
  • Stability Data

The Slimz brand understands that weight loss is not just a desire to be physically more attractive, but is a deeper emotional connection to wanting to feel better about ourselves and having a positive self-image is game changer for all aspects of our lives. The Slimz range was designed to do exactly that , deliver fast and effective results you can feel from day one and start to see the benefits within a couple of weeks to ensure you stay motivated and get to be the best version of yourself.

However we realise that being an all-Natural supplement, more especially many Medical Professionals training are still m0re willing to prescribe Prescription only weight loss drugs, despite all the risks and side effects.

CLINICALLY PROVEN safety and efficacy.

THE Slimz AdiBurn PRO Liquid and Capsules were developed by ensuring we had clinically proven ingredients and the maximum therapeutic strengths for both safety and efficacy. Both the Forskohlii 40% Citrin K 50% Strengths in their standardised form are unique to Slimz AdiBurn PRO range in South Africa.

These then undergo a stringent manufacturing process to ensure the both the raw materials as well as final formulation are stable and are then sent to a laboratory for stability testing over two years. The Slimz AdiBurn PRO, pro formulations have been submitted to the Medicines Control Council for evaluation and approval for use in Weight Control.

Slimz AdiBurn PRO range we have gone all out to ensure this range is meets the exceptionally high standards required for any registered drug in RSA with respect to safety and efficacy. Medical Professionals like Doctors, Pharmacist and Dieticians can now confidently prescribe these unique formulations to patient’s .True to the Slimz brand Patients using AdiBurn PRO can will still experience the benefits of improved energy and Vitality from day one, effective weight loss and improved lean body mass in all right the areas.


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